Church Marketing | Fresno | St Louis | Springfield

Church Marketing | Fresno | St Louis | Springfield. Keyword Christ Ministries was formed to help Christ centered ministries and persons with websites and digital marketing means.

Websites, Search Marketing and Social media are effective tools to grow your ministry and the Kingdom.

It is our hope to provide websites that are digital evangelism tools to bring new people to Christ and to bring those away from God and His church Back to Him and His church in fellowship.

Digital Evangelism:

  • Church Marketing | Fresno | St Louis | Springfield
  • WordPress Websites: WordPress is a powerful Content Management System for websites. It allows the owner and staff of the website to easily make changes, edits and new content.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are very popular platforms for discussion, live services and meetings and a great way to grow your message and purpose.
  • Online Meetings: Online meetings such as Google meet, Zoom and Cisco WebEx have become very popular due to the Covid virus quarantine. Online Meetings and groups are a great way to minister to people digitally.